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We sell the highest quality tattoo products on the market. Invest in your health with our tattoo aftercare products. 

Our Mission

“Save Your Skin” with Skin Deep Brand Products. Here’s how… While beauty may only be skin deep, safety is deeper. Many tattoo products do not undergo the proper safety measures. Many derm bandages are not even sterile as is required by FDA regulation and it just makes good sense to not put a contaminated bandaid on open wounds. Our tattoo lotions are specifically engineered (much to the pain of the cosmetics industries who make them) to not include a host of harmful byproducts found in most lotions which make it very quick and easy and cheap for the factories to churn out. We don’t care about quick and easy, we care about doing it right. You will not find parabens, fragrances, or other toxic chemicals in our lotions which are found in most lotions. The hargest one to make safe was our tattoo balm packets. Almost made purely by nude vegans working with chipmunks, we did end up having to use propylene glycol and propanediol or we’d still be fighting with the chemistry team at our factory. While both rate pretty well on the EWG safety cosmetics database, the gold standard, we still like to disclose, even through they are used in tiny amounts, they can both be mild irritants for some very sensitive people. In which case, always go for the tub of butter. Speaking of which, it’s a better mixture of the same ingredients Hustle Butter uses but we give you two more ounces and a much lower price. With Skin Deep, you not only save your skin but your wallet too – which is kinda the same thing to many people. We have found a way to not only make safer and healthier products but to do so at half the markup of the competitors. 

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