Skin Deep Thick Tattoo Practice Skin – 290 x 195 x 3mm (Yellow)


Skin Deep’s tattoo skin is engineered specifically for tattoo needles optimizing your results.  Skin Deep tattoo practice skin dimensions are 290 x 195mm and the skin measures 3mm thick approximately. Expect solid results with these tattoo practice skins. Check out the photos for actual tattoos performed by famous tattoo artists on this practice skin by Skin Deep. The art on the brown skin is done by Fame of Eminence Ink.

After working with our manufacturers for over a year, we are now able to offer the Skin Deep tattoo skin in brown for practicing on darker skin tones. Ink colors appear very differently depending on the skin tone so having this flexibility to test on different colors will help ensure the best results and highest satisfaction for your customers. 

Made from silicone. Available in 1, 5, and 10 pack.

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