Skin Deep High Absorption Biodegradable Compressed Towels


Skin Deep’s Compressed Travel Towels are the perfect addition and must have for any purse, backpack, suitcase or camping pack! These individually wrapped disposable towels are biodegradable, vegan, non-shrinking, allergy free, and additive free. In just three easy steps you’ll have a strong yet soft towel to use as you wish! First, take the compressed towel out of the package, get it wet with either cold or warm water, lastly letting the towel absorb the water watch it expand and become a full-size towel in mere seconds! The 100% soft Viscose fiber is suitable for all skin types and is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional compressed towels. 

Available in an individual pack of 25 or a bag of 10 pack of 25 Skin Deep Compressed towels.

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