Dragon Sheath (Sterile) Tattoo Aftercare Bandage from Skin Deep 5.9 x 8 Yard (Cylinder)


Give your tattoos the easy, healthy recovery they deserve with Skin Deep Dragon Sheath Derm Shield tattoo aftercare bandage. Acting as a barrier against dirt, and abrasion, Dragon Sheath Derm Shield promotes a comfortable, hygienic healing process free of scabbing or scarring. 

What makes Dragon Sheath better than others on the market? Dragon Sheath Derm Shield is a light, waterproof composite film bandage comprised of three layers: EVA film, matte PU film, and glassine. The matte PU film, which is the part of the bandage that remains on and protects the skin after tattooing, allows for optimal breathability and ductility when compared to glossy film bandages. Skin Deep Dragon Sheath Derm Shield bandages are also latex-free.


All Dragon Sheath products are sterile. Don’t put bandage on your open wound that has dirt and debris. Always use sterile tattoo bandage.

This is a  5.9 Inch by 8 Yard Cylinder10.2 Inch by 2 Yard Roll. Also available  is a 10.2 Inch by 2 Yard Roll and a 5 inch by 5 inch sheet which come in a pack of 10.

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